Lost Moose Meadows – In The News

Lost Moose Meadows – In The News

News and Press Releases Related to Lost Moose Meadows RV Park & Campground

3-8-2024: Thanks KPAX-TV for the great highlight on LMMRV

“LINCOLN — Back in 2020, a Lincoln couple had an idea to offer a place for people who live in RVs to hang out. Then in July of 2023, they built and opened Lost Moose Meadows.

“A lot of people that live in RVs, they really look for a place that’s different and unique,” co-owner Matt Simpkins told MTN”.Click Here for the Full Article and Video

1-11-2024: Thanks Modern Campground!

“Matt and Nichole Simpkins, previously engaged in desk jobs in Nevada, have opened Lost Moose Meadows Campground and RV Park in Lincoln, Montana. This new venture marks their transition from conventional office work to campground ownership, a significant shift in their professional lives.”Click Here for the Full Article and Video

Lost Moose Meadows Montana RV Park Article from Modern Campground