Off-road vehicles amid scenic trees near our RV campgrounds

Offroading From Our RV Park

Off-road vehicles amid scenic trees near our RV campgrounds

Offroading From Our RV Park

Lost Moose Meadows Montana RV Park and Campground is a top rated destination especially among off road adventurers. Offering a huge amount of unique mountain country to explore, Lincoln has enough trails  to keep you out roaming and taking in the views while you stay with us.

Here is a trail map to get you started on your adventures.

Lincoln has several ATV/UTV group rides that happen yearly (and yes, you can take your jeep on most of these rides too). Here’s a couple:

The Shannon Spencer Memorial DAV ATV Fun Run, taking place annually at the end of September in Lincoln, Montana, is a tribute to the memory of Shannon Spencer and a highlight for off road enthusiasts. Hosted a mile down the road at the Lincoln Rodeo Grounds, this event draws participants for an adventurous trail run, fostering a sense of community and remembrance.During Memorial Weekend, there are usually two rides on two seperate days.

The Wheel Inn Memorial Fun Run is held on one day of the weekend. Participants gather at the Wheel Inn, a well-known local spot, to embark on a fun-filled trail adventure. This event not only offers an exciting off road experience but also serves as a memorial, creating a special atmosphere of camaraderie and respect.
The second is the Blackfoot Valley Optimist Club organizes an Off-Road Vehicle Scavenger Hunt, a unique and engaging event. Starting at at Hooper Park in the town of Lincoln, this scavenger hunt challenges participants to navigate designated trails in search of hidden prizes. It’s a perfect blend of outdoor adventure and friendly competition, making it a much-anticipated occasion each year in Lincoln.

Ready To Find Out What Makes Our Montana RV Park The Perfect Place To Stay And Explore?

Well, fire up your rig and set your sights on Lincoln, Montana, where the trails offer more than just a ride – they’re a full-on adventure and plenty of chances to spot the local wildlife. From our campground you can head straight into the town of Lincoln on your machine. If you are plated in your home state, you can travel the highway for a quick trip into town. If you don’t feel like jumping on the highway and want mor of a slow paced, scenic cruise into town, the two-track path alongside the highway is the perfect choice. Once you get into Lincoln, you have plenty of options for food, bars, restaurants, groceries and fuel. Some great places to take a breather and grab some grub.

Lincoln’s surrounded by a goldmine of natural spots to ride to – creeks, rivers, lakes, reservoirs. And if you know where to go, you can find that perfect spot to get in the water, perfect for cooling off and soaking in the views.

There are plenty of trail options for exploring nearby towns like Helmville, Marysville and Ovando which are also great spots to grab a drink or a bite to eat. Lincoln and the surrounding towns aren’t just pitstops; they are great destinations that offer opportunities to get out and see the great views, get some great food and drinks and meet some of the coolest folks in Montana.

Now, if you are looking for ideas of places to ride, Dalton Mountain Rd, Beaver Creek Rd, Copper Creek Rd and Sucker Creek Rd are all great starting points. There are hundreds of trails, some of them with climbs that’ll have your heart racing and others with views that’ll leave you speechless. The best part is that you have a chance to get out and explore. You may even spot some of the deer, elk moose and bears that are in the area.

In Lincoln, it’s all about the ride and the stories you’ll have to tell. It’s a place where every trail is a new discovery, and every ride is more than just getting from A to B. It’s about connecting with the great outdoors, enjoying the wilds of Montana, and being part of a community that gets why you ride.

So, load up and head out to Lincoln, Montana. The trails are calling, the town’s ready to welcome you, and your next great adventure is about to kick off. Whether you’re in it for the thrills, the views, or the camaraderie, Lincoln’s got something special for every rider. Gear up for some real Montana memories.

Choose Lost Moose Meadows Campground & RV Park for your next Montana Off Road adventure.