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Fly Fishing Outfitters Close to Lost Moose Meadows RV Park

Nestled amidst the stunning natural landscapes, our Campground stands as an idyllic retreat for travelers. Recognized as one of the leading RV parks in Montana, we cater to RV enthusiasts who seek the best of Montana and position you at the doorstep of some of the finest fly fishing experiences in the region, particularly on the famed Blackfoot River. Our campground isn’t just about offering a place to park your RV; it’s a gateway to the serene, natural beauty of Montana, promising an unforgettable outdoor adventure.

A Stone’s Throw from Renowned Fly Fishing Outfitters Our proximity to top fly fishing destinations makes us a prime spot for anglers and nature lovers. We’re located near several esteemed outfitters, including God’s Country Outfitters, Rainbow Bend Outfitters, and Pro Outfitters, each providing unique experiences for both novice and seasoned anglers in the heart of Montana’s RV camping scene.

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Blackfoot Angler: A Must Stop While Staying at LMMRV

A trip to Lost Moose Meadows offers more than just a scenic RV camping experience. It’s also your gateway to the finest camping and fishing in the region. Near this hub, you’ll find the celebrated Blackfoot Angler in Ovando. This charming fly shop, set in a historic building once serving as Ovando’s blacksmith, is known as the “Best little fly shop on the Blackfoot River” and is a central point for fly fishers and adventurers from various RV parks in Montana, exploring the river’s bounty and boasting the largest selection of flies in the region, spanning between Missoula, Great Falls, and Helena.

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Visitor Testimonials: Discover Why Lost Moose Meadows is a Montana Favorite

At Lost Moose Meadows, the stories and feedback of our guests are invaluable, painting a vivid picture of our unique Montana RV camping community. Within the embrace of Montana’s breathtaking scenery, our campground becomes more than just a stay—it transforms into a hub of extraordinary experiences. Delve into our collection of visitor testimonials, each narrative unfolding the memorable encounters and distinct charms that make Lost Moose Meadows a treasured destination for those journeying through Montana.

Guest Testimonials:

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Angler’s Paradise: Premier Fishing at Lost Moose Meadows

At Lost Moose Meadows in Lincoln, we offer more than just a scenic stay; we’re your gateway to the rich heritage and superb fishing of the Upper Blackfoot River. We pride ourselves in providing a Blackfoot River area camping experience that rivals most neighboring RV Parks. And this river, a haven for anglers, weaves through Montana’s history and natural beauty giving camping enthusiast an experience to remember.

Upper Blackfoot River: A Historical and Angling Jewel

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Montana Camping Trip Ideas

Embark on an unforgettable journey with Lost Moose Meadows, your gateway to RV exploration in Montana. From the historic charm of Phillipsburg to the stunning trails of Skalkaho Pass, our campground is the perfect starting point for diverse Montana camping adventures. Experience both scenic beauty and rich history with every stay at Lost Moose Meadows, where your outdoor escape turns into a memorable exploration of Montana’s treasures.

Phillipsburg: Your Gateway to Adventure

Explore Phillipsburg, a perfect day trip destination. Discover local history at the Granite County Museum and unearth gems at Gem Mountain Sapphire Mine. Enjoy outdoor adventures like hiking and fishing near Flint Creek. Savor local delights at Phillipsburg Brewing Company and Old Prison Brew Pub against the backdrop of stunning landscapes. Capture the iconic Heart in the Mountain for memories to last a lifetime!

Skalkaho Pass: A Highlight of Montana’s Wilderness

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