Angler’s Paradise: Premier Fishing at Lost Moose Meadows

Angler’s Paradise: Premier Fishing at Lost Moose Meadows

At Lost Moose Meadows in Lincoln, we offer more than just a scenic stay; we’re your gateway to the rich heritage and superb fishing of the Upper Blackfoot River. We pride ourselves in providing a Blackfoot River area camping experience that rivals most neighboring RV Parks. And this river, a haven for anglers, weaves through Montana’s history and natural beauty giving camping enthusiast an experience to remember.

Upper Blackfoot River: A Historical and Angling Jewel

The Upper Blackfoot River, known for its pristine waters and abundant fish life, has been a vital part of the region’s ecosystem for centuries. Historically, this area was a significant corridor for Native American tribes, notably the Salish and Blackfeet, who traversed these lands following the rhythms of nature. The river’s name itself is believed to have originated from the Blackfeet Nation.

The river starts deep in the Bob Marshall wilderness, where the clear cold North Fork meets the warmer main stem Blackfoot river. This confluence is not just a geographical wonder but also a historical landmark, famously inspiring Norman Maclain’s novel “A River Runs Through it.”

Native American Heritage

For the Native tribes, the Blackfoot River was more than a geographical landmark; it was central to their way of life. It provided sustenance in the form of fish and game, and its banks offered travel routes for trading and communication. The river’s presence shaped their cultural and spiritual practices, leaving a legacy that still resonates today.

Discover a Montana Fishing Paradise

Fast forward to the present, and the Upper Blackfoot River near Lincoln, Montana, remains a paradise for anglers. Known particularly for its trout — including rainbow, brown, and native cutthroat — the river is a favorite for both fly fishing enthusiasts and those who prefer traditional angling methods. Its clear, cold waters and the variety of fish habitats make it an angling destination of national repute. The summer months are particularly exciting, with the Salmonfly hatch creating a frenzy among anglers and trout alike.

Fly Fishing and the Beauty of the Wilderness

Fly fishing in the Upper Blackfoot is an immersive experience that combines skill, patience, and the love of nature. Each cast in these historic waters is a nod to the past, a dance with the present, and a hopeful glance towards the future. Surrounded by the stunning vistas of Montana’s wilderness, anglers find more than fish here; they discover a profound connection with the natural world.

Conservation Efforts and Respect for Nature

Recognizing the importance of preserving this natural treasure, various conservation efforts have been undertaken to protect the Upper Blackfoot River and its surroundings. At Lost Moose Meadows Campground, we advocate for sustainable fishing practices and environmental stewardship, honoring both the ecological significance and the rich cultural history of the river.


For guests at Lost Moose Meadows, the Blackfoot River offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with nature through fishing. Whether casting a line in search of trout or simply soaking in the serene Montana landscape, the river adds an unforgettable dimension to your camping experience.

Ready for an authentic Montana experience with world-class fishing? Book your stay at Lost Moose Meadows today and immerse yourself in the beauty and history of the Blackfoot River in Lincoln, Montana. And, if you are interested in checking out a local Fly Shop, swing in to the Blackfoot Angler in Ovando!

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