Blackfoot Angler: A Must Stop While Staying at LMMRV

Blackfoot Angler: A Must Stop While Staying at LMMRV

A trip to Lost Moose Meadows offers more than just a scenic RV camping experience. It’s also your gateway to the finest camping and fishing in the region. Near this hub, you’ll find the celebrated Blackfoot Angler in Ovando. This charming fly shop, set in a historic building once serving as Ovando’s blacksmith, is known as the “Best little fly shop on the Blackfoot River” and is a central point for fly fishers and adventurers from various RV parks in Montana, exploring the river’s bounty and boasting the largest selection of flies in the region, spanning between Missoula, Great Falls, and Helena.

Under Travis Thurmond and Kathy Schoendoerfer’s stewardship, Blackfoot Angler keeps its old western charm while becoming a modern hub for fly fishing. The shop is well-stocked with trusted brands like Orvis, Simms, Rio, and Redington, catering to fishing enthusiasts and casual anglers visiting the area.

The allure of Blackfoot Angler extends beyond fly fishing gear. As a comprehensive resource for general outdoor and RV camping essentials, it offers items such as bear spray, coffee pots, table cloths, and flashlights. The shop even caters to emergency bicycle parts, a thoughtful addition for those cycling through Montana’s landscapes.

For visitors seeking a memento of their experience, the shop’s Montana Made section showcases local crafts. From ceramics and jewelry to woodworks and unique greeting cards, these items reflect the rich cultural tapestry of Montana, a state celebrated for its vibrant culture.

More than just a fly fishing shop, Blackfoot Angler is a cornerstone of the community, actively involved in local conservation efforts. Working alongside groups like the Big Blackfoot Chapter of Trout Unlimited, it helps protect trout populations that draw many visitors to the river and surrounding areas in Montana.

A visit to Blackfoot Angler in Ovando is an integral part of the RV camping and fishing experience in Montana. It connects you with the local culture, provides necessary supplies for outdoor adventures, and offers a taste of Montana’s unique crafts. It’s a must-visit for anyone staying at RV parks near the Blackfoot River, embodying the spirit of Montana’s great outdoors.

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